About Heather

I'm wildly passionate about CELEBRATING LOVE!

Blending my 14+ years of officiating and being a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant with my 17+ years of being an Integral Life Coach, professional writer and speaker makes my collection of skills unique. And I use these gifts to create ceremonies from scratch that honor each couple’s love story, their life philosophies and personal beliefs, and the vision they have for their wedding day. I never imagined I'd have a career I loved so much that would touch hundreds of lives.

My services include the following:

Teaching and Coaching Others to Officiate: These days, and especially in the state of Colorado, many couples ask a friend or loved one to officiate their wedding. I love that couples can choose who they want to stand at their altar with them. But so much goes into officiating to make a ceremony more than a toast with some anecdotes and vows and rings. And many couples are learning this in a way that leaves them with a sub-par experience with their wedding ceremony, and this makes me so sad. So, I’m on a mission to help Rookie Officiants do an amazing job! It brings me so much joy to take that honored role that someone has been given and help them create a memorable, meaningful and joyful ceremony for their loved ones for such an important day. My online course, "Officiate Like A Pro" - launched on 10.10.23, the 14th Anniversary of the first time I officiated for dear friends - is rooted in this mission.

Couple’s/Marriage Coaching: One of my favorite parts of my work is that I get to help couples build a strong foundation and a great toolbox of skills to help their marriage start and remain strong. I also work with couples at all stages of relationship. It’s a privilege to help couples grow closer while maintaining (or even rediscovering) their own individuality. My next online courses will be in this realm to help support and nurture strong bonds between couples as they walk through life together!

Other Ceremonies: Beyond writing and officiating elopements, weddings and vow renewals, I also design and officiate many other ceremonies for life’s milestones and times of major transition. I create ceremonies to help people mark any important moment with meaning and love. These have included Baby Blessings/Namings to Memorials and Celebrations of Life and everything in between. I help families, businesses, and communities mark and honor times of joy and celebration as well as times of grief and loss through the art of ceremony.


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